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 In the winter term 2017/18 Joshua Cohen is S. Fischer guest professor. Cohen, who won the Pushcart Prize 2012 and the Matanel Award for Young Promising Jewish Writers 2013 is often compared by critics to his rhetorically brilliant colleagues David Foster Wallace and David Pynchon. In the Jewish Museum in Berlin he is reading passages from his new novel "Book of Numbers".


Former president of the German Bundestag Prof. Dr. Norbert Lammert discussed together with Titus Dittmann, founder of skate-aid and Gyde Jensen, youngest female member of the German Bundestag the topic. Prof. Lammert said that the attitude for social cohesion is self-assurance as confidence and self-distance and to not take oneself more important than others.


In the beginning we are all hermaphrodites. By the sixth week of pregnancy, each fetus carries anatomical implants for both sexes. Only then do the genes shape our gender differentiation. But not always. Some people can not be anatomically clearly classified in the binary gender system. Others do not identify as a man or a woman, even though they are medical.

The intersex person Vanja of the campaign 3. Option has...


The new members of the Handelsblatt Hall of Fame of Family-Owned Enterprises are Dr. Ralf and Dr. Klaus Murjahn, CEOs, DAW SE, Angelique Renkhoff-Mücke, CEO Management Board, WAREMA Renkhoff SE and Alexandra Schoerghuber, Chief Executive Officer and Member of the Executive Board, Schoerghuber Stiftung & Co. Holding KG. They were honoured within the framework of a festive dinner in the Charles Hotel in Munich.


Daniel Peña is a Pushcart Prize winning writer and Assistant Professor in the Department of English at the University of Houston-Downtown. Formerly, he was based out of the UNAM in Mexico City where he worked as a writer, blogger, book reviewer and journalist. Shortly before the release of his current novel hurricane 'Harvey' met his hometown Houston. The author then wrote on plowshares blog about the connection of...


The American President considers the results of climate scientists to be wrong. And even many ordinary citizens in the case of doubt trust rather their friends than the professionals. European crisis, the financial crisis, the globalization crisis, the climate crisis - the debates about this are everywhere controversial. Does the resistance of the expert opinions undermine the confidence in the expertise? ...


Within the framwork of a festive dinner in the Hotel de Rome Berlin, the jury awarded the prize winners

  • Anke Sparmann, freelance authoress, is winner for the category print.
  • Alexander Lahl und Max Mönch, freelance authors, are winners for the category electronic media.
  • Theodor Schaarschmidt, freelance journalist, is winner for the category young talent.
The jury also honoured the Team of Achim Podak and the...


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