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The new members of the Handelsblatt Hall of Fame of Family-Owned Enterprises are Dr. Ralf and Dr. Klaus Murjahn, CEOs, DAW SE, Angelique Renkhoff-Mücke, CEO Management Board, WAREMA Renkhoff SE and Alexandra Schoerghuber, Chief Executive Officer and Member of the Executive Board, Schoerghuber Stiftung & Co. Holding KG. They were honoured within the framework of a festive dinner in the Charles Hotel in Munich.


Daniel Peña is a Pushcart Prize winning writer and Assistant Professor in the Department of English at the University of Houston-Downtown. Formerly, he was based out of the UNAM in Mexico City where he worked as a writer, blogger, book reviewer and journalist. Shortly before the release of his current novel hurricane 'Harvey' met his hometown Houston. The author then wrote on


The American President considers the results of climate scientists to be wrong. And even many ordinary citizens in the case of doubt trust rather their friends than the professionals. European crisis, the financial crisis, the globalization crisis, the climate crisis - the debates about this are everywhere controversial. Does the resistance of the expert opinions undermine the confidence in the expertise? Scientists are never quite independent - they want a reputation for their...


Within the framwork of a festive dinner in the Hotel de Rome Berlin, the jury awarded the prize winners

  • Anke Sparmann, freelance authoress, is winner for the category print.
  • Alexander Lahl und Max Mönch, freelance authors, are winners for the category electronic media.
  • Theodor Schaarschmidt, freelance journalist, is winner for the category young talent.
The jury also honoured the Team of Achim Podak and the Schweizer Radio und...


While it is easy to reach agreement on the fundamental importance of values, the question of the hierarchy of values and their importance for a society can quickly lead to bitter disputes. Can the call for values be seen as an indicator of an intact society or an indicator of a society at risk? Is the invocation of a certain canon of values an indicator that the society is at risk and therefore needs self-assurance? Is a society particularly stable when it does not have to...


The topics of communication and knowledge, language through the ages and our resulting action are becoming more and more important every year. What are the things that contribute to the richness of German language? What do we have to keep and where should we allow for change? To which influences we do have to open up and when the 'power' of words is abused? How could this crisis of confidence come about? What is the image of science in public? What are the consequences for...


In many countries researchers are under pressure. When research generates uncomfortable insights it is often denied and countered with "alternative facts". The research community is denigrated as being part of the establishment, which argues only in its own interest. Experts are scolded, their budgets cut. Not only in the US, where Donald Trump denies the human causes of global warming. "The post-factual national populism that is currently haunting the world could become a threat...


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