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Picador Guest Professor Sasha Pimentel, with roots in the Philippines, is an American poet and author. She became famous with her books "For Want of Water" and "Inside She Swallowed". Together with the literary critic and translator Jan Wilm she will talk about her books.

Event takes place in English.

Date: 26 November 2018, 7 pm
Location: Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst, Karl-Tauchnitz-Straße 9-11, 04107 Leipzig 


The population of the cities is growing. The use and optimization of the available space is therefore becoming increasingly important. Concepts such as that of the "smart city" are intended to make cities more participative, and thus more sustainable and liveable.

But how do you best meet the requirements of urban conurbations? What can architecture and urban planning do to meet the growing demand for quality of...


The Georg von Holtzbrinck Prize for Science Journalism 2018 goes to Rüdiger Braun, the duo Petra Höfer + Freddie Röckenhaus, Dr. May Thi Nguyen-Kim and Fritz Habekuss. Rüdiger Braun receives the prize for the category text, Petra Höfer + Freddie Röckenhaus and Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim for the category electronic media and Fritz Habekuss for the category young talent.



  • Prof. Dr. Barbara Krahé, professor for social psychology, Potsdam University and member of Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften
  • Prof. Kristina Musholt, professor for cognitive anthropology at the institute for philosophy, University of Leipzig and member of Die Junge Akademie
  • Prof. Wilhelm Schmid, philosopher and author

Date: 13 November 2018, 7 pm
Location: Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der...


Since the summer term 1998, around 1,200 students met 40 authors from all over the world to work with them on texts, examine the development process, develop writing ideas, discuss and discover the literatures of the world immediately without academic filter. We want to celebrate that we have been able to invite international authors to Freie Universität Berlin every semester. On this evening we want to connect words...


A joint homeland does unite us. But what are we talking about when discussing homeland and identification? Is it a geographical area or is it a feeling? Can we find an all of society agreed definition for "Heimat" when the term is strongly linked to personal sentiments and how important is a shared understanding of identity for the cohesion of society?


  • Dr. Reiner Haseloff, Minister-President of Saxony-Anhalt 
  • ...


Brain, intestines and kidneys, liver and lungs - what to do if vital organs stop working or failing? For a few years researchers have been able to breed small human organs from stem cells. This miniature model called organoid was developed by one of the pioneers of stem cell researchers Jürgen Knoblich. Patients on the waiting list for a donor organ, hope for replacement by organoids. If it were possible to breed...


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