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The panel discussion on the topic "Mobility. Social task or privilege of the individual?" on 31 March 2020 will unfortunately be cancelled in connection with the coronavirus. We ask for your understanding. We will do our best to offer a catch-up date for the exciting discussion as soon as possible.

Social participation is not conceivable without mobility. The way to work, to friends and relatives, the way to the...


Current Springer Nature Visiting Professor Dagmar Röhrlich and awardee 1999 of the Georg von Holtzbrinck Prize for Science Journalism was talking about how more rationality and thus also the ability to compromise can be brought back into the public debate concerning a lot of topics in the field of science.


The new members in 2020 are Hans Lindner, company founder and personally liable partner of Lindner AG and Veronika Lindner, personally liable partner of Lindner AG, Holger Loclair, Managing Director of Orafol Europe GmbH, Martin Viessmann, Chairman of the Viessmann Group and Maximilian Viessmann, CEO of the Viessmann Group.
The members of the Handelsblatt Hall of Fame of family-owned companies were honoured at a...


If you look at the numbers, our society is doing well. Nevertheless, many people feel that they are left behind. The call for redistribution can be heard again and again. To give something of what one possesses gives many people a positive feeling. But when are we ready to share prosperity and privileges with others? And with whom do we share? Does the strong individualisation of society lead to less solidarity...


Dagmar Röhrlich studied geology and geophysics. She works as a freelance journalist for radio and print media. Her radio features have been heard on WDR, Deutschlandfunk and Südwestrundfunk. For her radio work she was awarded the Georg von Holtzbrinck Prize for Science Journalism in 1999. In 2010 Röhrlich worked as "Goethe Writer in Residence" at the University of British Columbia, where she conducted research for...


On Monday, 11 November, over 400 visitors came to experience the Black Feminism Panel with Picador Professor Morgan Jerkins and the two journalists Alice Hasters and Tersa Bücker.

Picador visiting professor Morgan Jerkins is an American author, journalist and editor. Morgan Jerkins will read from her very close, intimate essays on Black Feminism and Racism. She will then talk to author Alice Hasters, whose book "Was...


We humans doubt. Fortunately! In science, for example, 'methodological doubt' is an important instrument for getting to the bottom of things through research. To give room to justified doubt and to admit mistakes is indispensable to do good science and to gain new knowledge. But what should we do if scientifically proven facts, such as man-made climate change or the need for vaccinations in general, are doubted?


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