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ZEIT Science Forum

Moderator Andreas Sentker, photo: Phil DeraFrauke Hamann, ZEIT-Stiftung greets the guests, photo: Phil DeraThe discussion in the Leibnizsaal of the BBAW, photo: Phil DeraThe panelists, photo: Phil DeraDr. Elisabeth Hoffmann, photo: Phil DeraProf. Ortwin Renn, photo: Phil DeraProf. Jule Specht, photo: Phil DeraModerator Uli Blumenthal, photo:Phil Deraq&a session, photo: Phil Dera
Moderator Andreas Sentker, photo: Phil Dera
Frauke Hamann, ZEIT-Stiftung greets the guests, photo: Phil Dera
The discussion in the Leibnizsaal of the BBAW, photo: Phil Dera
The panelists, photo: Phil Dera
Dr. Elisabeth Hoffmann, photo: Phil Dera
Prof. Ortwin Renn, photo: Phil Dera
Prof. Jule Specht, photo: Phil Dera
Moderator Uli Blumenthal, photo:Phil Dera
q&a session, photo: Phil Dera

The ZEIT Science Forum is a series of discussion events. Founded in 2001, it aims to open controversial contemporary issues to critical scrutiny. The forum takes place at the Leibnizsaal of the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Science.

The Topic: „Expertise in a crisis"

"The people are tired of the experts, they have enough of them." Quote of the British Minister of Justice, a Brexit advocate,  at the height of the debate confronted with dozens of expert warnings before the Brexit. He says it in public, on TV. The American President considers the results of climate scientists to be wrong. And even many ordinary citizens in the case of doubt trust rather their friends than the professionals. European crisis, the financial crisis, the globalization crisis, the climate crisis - the debates about this are everywhere controversial. Does the resistance of the expert opinions undermine the confidence in the expertise? Scientists are never quite independent - they want a reputation for their performance and they need money for their work. Does this make them unbelievable? Science lives from the competition. The growing competition has led researchers to proclaim successes where there are none. Does individual misconduct also undermine the reputation of the scientific method?


  • Dr. Elisabeth Hoffmann, Head of Corporate Communication and Press Service, Technische Universität Braunschweig
  • Prof. Dr. Ortwin Renn, scientific director, IASS Potsdam Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies e.V. (IASS), Potsdam
  • Prof. Dr. Jule Specht, Institute for Psychology, Humboldt University Berlin


  • Ulrich Blumenthal, Editor "Forschung aktuell", Deutschlandfunk
  • Andreas Sentker, Head of the department of science, DIE ZEIT


  • Language.Power.Politics
  • Defend the Enlightenment! Science in a Post-Truth Age
  • Man and Maschine - The Power of Algorithms
  • The Art of Renunciation
  • „Anywhere – Nowhere“ Excellence Initiative: Where is the journey taking us?
  • Miracle Plant, Designer Babies: The Rebirth of Genetic Engineering - unmatched precise, unmatched secure?
  • Strength evolves out of crisis
  • BIG-DATA: The end of our autonomy and privacy?


14 November 2017
7 pm
Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Science and Humanities
Markgrafenstraße 38, 10117 Berlin


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