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Forums on business and science, photo: VeranstaltungsforumCultural events, photo: VeranstaltungsforumAward ceremonies, photo: VeranstaltungsforumReadings, photo: VeranstaltungsforumConferences, photo: VeranstaltungsforumCreation and production of print products, photo: VeranstaltungsforumMedia-cooperations, photo: Veranstaltungsforum
Forums on business and science, photo: Veranstaltungsforum
Cultural events, photo: Veranstaltungsforum
Award ceremonies, photo: Veranstaltungsforum
Readings, photo: Veranstaltungsforum
Conferences, photo: Veranstaltungsforum
Creation and production of print products, photo: Veranstaltungsforum
Media-cooperations, photo: Veranstaltungsforum

The range of management services offered by the Veranstaltungsforum extends from pay-ticket to invitational events in the form of round table discussions, panel discussions, open discussions, workshops, and award ceremonies, to exclusive receptions and gala evenings.

The Veranstaltungsforum develops concepts for content and staging, provides advice on marketing and assumes responsibility for all aspects of preparing and running the event. Each event is tailor-made to meet the agreed specifications and the requirements of the target group, and each concept is individually geared to the communication and PR strategy of the customer and partner concerned. Experienced teams are on hand to research topics, locate venues, develop project concepts and acquire sponsors and partners. Person-to-person briefings combined with attention to detail, quality and creativity ensure that the events meet the strictest requirements of protocol and style.
A customised package of services is available to meet every customer’s individual requirements.

Our Goal / Your Success

  • Publicly proven competence, responsibility and empathy
  • Continuous fostering of contacts with important institutions, corporations and individuals
  • Continuous fostering of “cross-over” between different organisations to continuously and comprehensively expand the outreach of our operations

Before the event:

  • Topic research
  • Development of main programme, support programme, partners’ programme plus the associated staging and logistics
  • Location scouting
  • Booking and management of all sub-contracted services required for the programme
  • Design and production of all printed matter and media documentation
  • Acquisition and management of sponsors
  • Acquisition and management of speakers
  • Development of marketing concept
  • Acquisition and management of attendees
  • Coordination of media coverage

During the event:

  • On-site set-up and management
  • Full-service support, including event secretariat
  • Press conference

After the event:

  • Settlement of accounts
  • End-of-event documentation (including for sponsors)
  • Statistical evaluation
  • Performance evaluation

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