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In many countries researchers are under pressure. When research generates uncomfortable insights it is often denied and countered with "alternative facts". The research community is denigrated as being part of the establishment, which argues only in its own interest. Experts are scolded, their budgets cut. Not only in the US, where Donald Trump denies the human causes of global warming. "The post-factual national populism that is currently haunting the world could become a threat...


«Off the Map» is the title of the reading which will take place at the Poetry Festival in Berlin. With Hans Jürgen Balmes, publishing director for international literature Fischer-Verlag, Lavinia Greenlaw will be talking about the European element in her poetry – and about Brexit as a vanishing from the map. Lavinia Greenlaw was born in 1962 in London. At the age of eleven her family moved to a small village in Essex. In...


Following the kick-off event "Unconditional Basic Income - Encouragement or incapacitation?" the current event's topic is "Digitization of Education. Democratization or Exclusion?"harmed. A few weeks ago, the writer and translator Mathias Énard demanded an eroticism of knowledge. This year's award winner of the Leipzig Book Prize on European Understanding considers this as a suitable means against the tendency towards isolation of our time. Is education actually the key to...


The Veranstaltungsforum Holtzbrinck Publishing Group supports the March For Science. The value of science for society and for all areas of life is of great importance. The freedom of science and research is a major achievement which must be encouraged and sustained.

Since 1994, the Veranstaltungsforum Holtzbrinck Publishing Group has been promoting the open dialogue and the discussion between experts from science, business,...


The author and journalist Tom Drury was born in Iowa, in 1956. He received a BA from the University of Iowa and an MA from Brown University in English/Creative Writing.  Tom Drury is the author of five novels and numerous short stories and essays. A native of Iowa, he confronts his readers with the intricacies of life in American small towns and the Midwest in many of his stories' literary worlds. Drury has been praised as a "major figure in American...


The winners 2017 for the ZEIT Wissen Prize "Encouraging Sustainability" were honored and presented. This year the new category TAKE-OFF was invented to honour young start-up enterprises. The first awardee in this category is Kiron Open Higher Education. The Social StartUp allows refugees to take up a course of studies and to get higher education without bureaucracy. The possibility of a university entrance is opened via digital teaching and learning formats, so-called MOOCS (Massive...


They dig in our data. They control machines. They recommend products. They make opinions. They do our work. Algorithms are everywhere. Algorithms are the rules in the brain of industrial robots. Algorithms take over the control of our cars. Algorithms sell us books or election programs. Algorithms search for us a partner. The combination of big data, endless memory space, steadily growing computer performance and growing artificial intelligence allows algorithms to penetrate more and more areas...


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